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“God is light; In him there is no darkness...”  

[1 John 1:5]


COVID-19 pandemic


St Isidore's and St Mary Magdalene's have RE-OPENED for the celebration of Holy Mass.


Unfortunately we need to limit numbers to comply with current COVID-19 safety protocols, so to book your place at St Isidore's please contact our Parish COVID Coordinator. There is no need to reserve a place at St Mary Magdalene's.

If you are unable to attend Mass, it is our intention to stream a recorded Mass for Sundays only from our YouTube channel, and our Facebook Group on Sunday evenings.


Daily Mass and devotions will be available via a livestream service from our sister parish at St Mary’s in Lanark. These will be shared on our Facebook page.


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Mass - 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time


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Mass - 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Mass - 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time


St Isidore's


Reflection for Sunday

The readings for today are: First Reading – Ezekiel 17:22-24; Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 91(92):2-3,13-16; Second Reading – 2 Corinthians 5:6-10; Gospel – Mark 4:26-34

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Buongiorno!


The two parables, which the Liturgy presents us today, – the two parables –  are inspired precisely by ordinary life and reveal the attentive and deep gaze of Jesus, who observes reality and, through small everyday images, opens the windows on the mystery of God and on the succession of human events. Jesus spoke in a way that was easy to understand; he spoke with images of reality, of everyday life. In this way, he teaches us that even everyday things, which at times all seem the same and which we carry on with distraction or effort, are inhabited by God’s hidden presence; that is, they have meaning. So, we too need attentive eyes, to be able “to seek and find God in all things.


Today Jesus compares the Kingdom of God, that is, his presence that dwells in the heart of things and of the world, to the mustard seed, that is, to the smallest seed there is: it is really tiny. Yet, cast upon the ground, it grows until becoming the tallest tree (cf. Mk 4:31-32). This is what God does. At times, the din of the world, along with the many activities that fill our days, prevent us from stopping and seeing how the Lord is conducting history. Yet – the Gospel assures us – God is at work, like a good little seed that silently and slowly germinates. And, little by little, it becomes a lush tree, which gives life and rest to everyone. The seed of our good works too can seem like a small thing, yet all that is good pertains to God, and thus it humbly, slowly bears fruit. Good, let us remember, always grows in a humble way, in a hidden, often invisible way.


Dear brothers and sisters, with this parable Jesus wants to instill us with confidence. In so many of life’s situations, indeed, it may happen that we get discouraged, because we see the weakness of good as compared to the apparent power of evil. And we may allow ourselves to be paralyzed by doubt when we find we are working hard but the results are not achieved, and things seem never to change. The Gospel asks us to take a fresh look at ourselves and at reality; it asks us to have bigger eyes, that are able to see further, especially beyond appearances, in order to discover the presence of God who as humble love is always at work in the soil of our life and that of history. This is our confidence, this is what gives us the strength to go forward every day, patiently, sowing the good that will bear fruit.


How important this attitude also is for coming out of the pandemic well! To cultivate the confidence of being in God’s hands and at the same time for all of us to commit ourselves to rebuilding and starting up again, with patience and perseverance.


In the Church too, weeds of doubt can take root, especially when we witness the crisis of faith and the failure of different projects and initiatives. But let us never forget that the results of sowing do not depend our abilities: they depend on the action of God. It is up to us to sow, and sow with love, with dedication and with patience. But the force of the seed is divine. Jesus explains it in today’s other parable: the farmer sows the seed and then does not realize how it bears fruit, because it is the seed itself that grows spontaneously, day and night, when he least expects it (cf. vv. 26-29). With God in the most infertile soil there is always the hope of new sprouts.


May Mary Most Holy, the Lord’s humble handmaid, teach us to see the greatness of God who works in the little things and to overcome the temptation of discouragement. Let us trust in Him every day!

- Pope Francis, Angelus, 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B, 13th June 2021 - 

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